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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Lone Star Bird Dawgs is to preserve and honor the heritage of the Cessna Birddog L-19/01, the aviators who flew these historic planes, our dedicated military men and women and with the utmost importance to us, honor all who have faced the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great nation.

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Please take the time to visit the sites we provide links to. The information is good and you'll meet plenty good folks.

ROBERT F. DORR - The Lone Star Bird Dawgs are proud to bring you the writings of our friend Robert F. Dorr. Robert is a world famous author on military topics. For the last 50 years Robert has provided in his writings history we would be without if it wasn't for his 110% dedication to preserving aviation and military history. This is a must read. There are two different writings he has provided for us so be sure to read them both. Link at the bottom of the first page to the second page.

IBDAWEB.COM - (International Bird Dog Association) is a great site with a lot of information as to the history of the Bird Dog L-19, a great gallery, classifieds, forum and more. Some great stuff here. Highly Recommended!

WARBIRD ALLEY - WARBIRD ALLEY is a great site that has many articles on not just the Bird Dog but many other aircrafts as well.

A GOOD READ - This is a good little article on the Bird Dog. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

PAUL WHITAKER - Our good friend and Paul is in the process of restoring his own L-19/0-1 Bird Dog. This link will take you to a video page that Paul filmed during his last visit here to our hanger at Cox Field, Paris, TX. Link - L-19 Birddog Ride

FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX -  Aviation Museum - Gilmer, Texas

SCSGRAPHICS - SCS-Graphics - Specialize in creating custom work for your individual needs. 903-785-4050 - Paris, Texas

Paris, TX - HometownUSA - Community information including population statistics and demographics, businesses, real estate, travel, maps, events, history, trivia, classified ads, forums and more.

Pilot Friend - Over the years I have seen some pretty homebuilt planes and some even nicer production planes.

Bird Dog Parts - This page is specifically for parts and information on the Bird Dog O-1

Talking Proud - The O-1 "Bird Dog", the toughest dog in the fight

Do you want to recommend a site for our links page. Please send your recommendation thru our contact link on our home page.

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Lone Star Bird Dawgs

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